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  NameArrival in NZLocalityShipBirthPlace of BirthDeathGDB LinkNotes
SelectA'COURT,Catherine01 May 1842WellingtonLondon1820   
SelectA'COURT,James01 May 1842WellingtonLondon1816   
SelectABBOT ,18 Nov 1838SydneyDublin Packet     
SelectABBOTT,Edward M E01 May 1842WellingtonLondon    
SelectABERCROMBIE,R AucklandTerror    
SelectAckland,Florence E11 Oct 1874WellingtonCartvale1841   
SelectAckland,Susan11 Oct 1874WellingtonCartvale1811   
SelectAckland,William H11 Oct 1874WellingtonCartvale1802   
SelectAckland,William N11 Oct 1874WellingtonCartvale1834   
SelectACROYD,W29 Mar 1843NelsonPhoebe1806   
SelectADAIR,John AucklandClaude Hamilton    
SelectADAM ,Dorothea14 Jun 1843NelsonSt. Pauli1811   
SelectADAM,15 Jun 1841WellingtonHarrington    
SelectADAM,Elizabeth09 Oct 1842AucklandJane Gifford    
SelectADAM,John S09 Oct 1842AucklandJane Gifford    
SelectADAMS,27 Oct 1841AucklandBrilliant    
SelectADAMS,26 Feb 1843NelsonThomas Sparks    
SelectAdams,Frederick C20 Nov 1874NapierBebington1838   
SelectAdams,Henry20 Nov 1874NapierBebington1809   
SelectADAMS,Henry31 Mar 1843AucklandWestminster1820   
SelectADAMS,James27 Oct 1841AucklandBrilliant    
SelectAdams,Jane20 Nov 1874NapierBebington1808   
SelectAdams,Sarah I20 Nov 1874NapierBebington1840   
SelectADAMS,Thomas14 Nov 1843AucklandMandarin1824   
SelectADAMS,W AucklandBorder Maid    
SelectADAMS,William27 Nov 1846AucklandJava6 Feb 1825Coleraine,,Londonderry,Northern Ireland2 May 1906Female 
SelectAdams,William20 Nov 1874NapierBebington1834   
SelectADAMS,Wm15 May 1853AucklandBorder Maid    
SelectADAMSON,& family SydneyCity of Melbourne    
SelectADAMSON,G23 Dec 1843AucklandBangalore